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    Simatai Wall/Gubei Water Town

    Introduction details:

    Simatai Great Wall is the most well-known and the most accessible Wild Wall in Beijing. It’s 5.4 km length is lined by sheer rock faces that soar 1,000 meters from the ground. 75% of the quality bricks, huge granite base is original, giving you a more authentic Great Wall experience. Built on a rock mountain, Simatai Great Wall lies on a rooster-crest-like mountain range in Miyun county, 120 km from Beijing. For it’s original features, Simatai is a spectacular sight and one of the most photographed sections of the Great Wall.

    First built in 6th century and largely reconstructed by the noted General Qi Jiguang, Simatai Great Wall really looks as one would expect it to look some 500 years after it was built. The air at Simatai is clean and fresh. The sky is always crystal clear. The height of the mountain enables you to see far away. Enjoy the silence of this magnificent world heritage on your own.


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