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    From Beijing Airport to Great Wall And Worry-Free !

    Beijing is offering 72 hour visa-free entry policy (51 nationalities) !
    24 hour visa-free entry policy for all nationalities ! If you have more than 7 hours layover time in Beijing , Don't just stay in the airport, sitting on the cold chairs,playing video. A better plan would be to visit the great wall,one of the world wonders that can be seen from out space, the wall was firstly built during seven kingdom period(7 centry BC )


    1.How far is the Great wall Mutianyu from Beijing Capital Airport?
    Answer:It is about 57 Kilometers,to get to mutianyu great wall,it takes about 1 hour 10 mins.

    2. Which documents are required for beijing 72 hour visa free permit?
    A valid passport: Of course !You'll have that with you anyway to board your flight. An Arrival/Departure Card that is complete including nationality, name, flight number, passport number, place of issuance, visa number, date of birth, gender, and purpose of visit. You can get this at the airport counter. Onward Flight Ticket for the next flight that leaves within 72 hours.This is important. They want to know that you are already booked to leave within the required time period.

    3.What procedure I need to go through to meet my driver ?
    You can apply for the transit permit after arriving.An Arrival/Departure Card must be filled out on your flight. Flight attendants will give you.

    1. 1).After landing, follow (Baggage Claim ) then walk to immigration until you see China Inspection and Quarantine, go to the 72 HourVisa Free Transit Lane : show the officer
      1.   «Arrival Card
      2.   «Pasport
      3.   «Onward flight ticket
      4. You will get transit entry permit on your passport.(Never go to International Transfer Counter, you will never come out,it means you are ready to fly again)
    2. 2).Then take the escalator to the train , take the train ,get off at T3C.
    3. 3).Then follow the sign Baggage Claim and pass by Baggage Claim.
    4. 4).Go Through Customs , Come out by Exit B, meet our driver at Starbucks who is holding a sign with your name.

    4.I heared Beijing have bad traffic,is it time risky to do a tour to the great wall?
    Answer : Beijing city center do have bad traffic ,but both the airport and great wall lays on the outskirt of Beijing, so the traffic is not bad. Even if you go to beijing city, our driver will give you suggestions when to leave.

    5. I have a layover of 8 hours , why you say i have 5 hours for tour?
    Answer : Pls note that it takes about more than 1 hour to get out of the airport ,and we need to send you back to airport 2 hours before your flight .

    6. Is there a restaurant near the great wall?
    Answer : yes , there are more than 20 restarant such as Burger King, Lakers Pizza, Xianlaoman Dumplings , Subway sandwih, Youshunju restarant.

    7. Is there a cable car to get up to the great wall ,how much is it ?
    Answer : Yes , one takes you to tower 14,cable up ,cable down. The other one takes you to tower 6 , chair lift up and toboggan slide down. Our car rental price not include cable car .For round trip cable car is 120 yuan .

    8. After visiting great wall,is it possible for driver send me back to hotel instead of airport ?
    Answer : Yes , of course . We can take you back to hotel without extra charge .

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