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    LongQing Gorge

    Introduction details£º

    Located in the north of Yanqing County, about 100 kilometers from downtown Beijing, Longqing Gorge is a tourist area with abundant natural resources where you can go boating, climb the mountain, avoid heat in summer and appreciate ice lanterns in winter. With Badaling Great Wall to its south, Songshan forest park to its northwest and Mount Haituo to its west, Longqing Gorge is reputed as the Small Li River beyond the Great Wall and the Small Three Gorges. However, it’s more precipitous than the Three Gorges, and its water is much clearer than that of the Li River. In Longqing Gorge area, you can not only appreciate the graceful and gentle landscape of South China, but also have a taste of the vigorous and majestic landscape of North China, such as winding and zigzagging gorge, clear green river water, steep cliffs on both sides, dense forests, peculiar karst caves and stalagmites in the caves.

    Longqing Gorge scenic area boasts pleasantly cool summer with fresh air, and its average temperature is 6℃ lower than that of Beijing urban area and 0.8℃ lower than that of Chengde Imperial Summer Resort. In the Liao, Jin and Yuan dynasties, Longqing Gorge area used to be the mountain resort where imperial families spent hot summer. Nowadays, Longqing Gorge is still a comfortable resort for people to avoid summer heat. Besides, Longqing Gorge boasts extremely cold winters with long ice period. Thus, in winter, Longqing Gorge becomes a frozen and snow-covered land, boasting the unique wonder of ice lanterns. Every year, the grand Longqing Gorge ice-snow festival is held from the 15th of January through the 29th of February. During the ice-snow festival, the plunging frozen waterfall falling down from the 70-meter-high reservoir dam is a highlight and breathtaking landscape of the annual festival every year.


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